Jinning World Horticenter Aims to Revolutionize China’s Floral Industry

by Anna

Jinning, China – In a groundbreaking development, Jinning World Horticenter, fueled by the backing of Jinning State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd., is poised to make a significant impact on China’s floral industry. The ambitious project, covering an expansive 30-hectare area, is a collaborative effort between Jinning State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd., and Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd.

Jinning State-owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd., a reputable firm entrusted with investment projects by the Jinning government, is committed to propelling horticultural development. The company has already established a modern flower industry park, boasting nearly 200 hectares of greenhouses, along with an international flower logistics center. Meanwhile, Yunnan Aibida Horticulture Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise, is widely recognized for its proficiency in advanced horticulture technologies.

The strategic choice of Jinning as the Horticenter’s location is underpinned by the district’s unique advantages. Situated in Kunming, Yunnan, China, Jinning District has emerged as an ideal hub for horticultural enterprises. Its favorable natural environment and abundant resources have propelled it to the forefront of global temperate flower producers. Jinning encompasses an extensive flower growing area of approximately 4000 hectares, boasting an annual production of cut flowers reaching an impressive 5.5 billion stems, securing its position as China’s largest county for cut flower production. Additionally, the district’s proximity to key markets and a robust transportation network make it an enticing business destination for industry investors.

The Jinning World Horticenter is designed with a focus on innovation and functionality. The center will host a cutting-edge zero-carbon greenhouse, incorporating technology to optimize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact. Furthermore, the facility will feature research laboratories dedicated to advancing horticultural practices, exhibition areas to showcase the latest products, technologies, and innovations in horticulture, and a flower auction center to facilitate trade and networking opportunities.

Recognizing the immense potential of Jinning World Horticenter, an invitation for investment is extended to both domestic and international entities seeking to participate in this flourishing endeavor.

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