CV Hydro Invites Indian Suppliers to Tap into Promising Australian Horticulture Market

by Anna

In the wake of substantial developments within the Indian horticultural industry, CV Hydro, an Indian-origin company specializing in hydroponic solutions, is strategically eyeing opportunities for Indian horticulture products and services in the Australian market. Founder of CV Hydro, CV Prakash, highlights the industry’s significant shift towards modernization and technology adoption, with a particular focus on greenhouse growing, advanced irrigation systems, improved crop varieties, and sustainable practices.

Having garnered two decades of experience as a trainer, hands-on grower, and consultant in hydroponic growing, CV Hydro has played a pivotal role in setting up numerous hydroponic farms and training thousands of students globally over the past 16 years.

The Indian horticultural sector, while popular for fruits and vegetables, faces challenges such as limited market access, unpredictable weather patterns, and the impacts of climate change. In response, Indian suppliers are now exploring opportunities to export their solutions, anticipating increased income for farmers and expanding the reach of horticultural solutions, as mentioned by CeeVee, a representative of CV Hydro.

Australia emerges as a promising market for Indian horticultural products, buoyed by various government schemes, financial assistance, subsidies, and the India-Australia Free Trade Agreement, effective since the end of 2022. The agreement provides market access, tariff reductions, and strategic advantages for Indian exporters.

CV Hydro, already active in the Australian market, has been appointed as a strategic partner and official agent for the FutureAG event, scheduled for April 17-19, 2024, in Melbourne. Organized by Hannover Fairs Australia and Hannover Fairs Asia Pacific Private Ltd, subsidiaries of Deutsche Messe, the event aims to showcase the latest advancements in agriculture, facilitate networking opportunities, and encourage collaborations that shape the future of the industry.

CeeVee emphasizes the inclusive stance towards exhibitors specializing in hydroponic and protected cropping solutions at the FutureAG event. CV Hydro Australia will provide expertise in soilless cultivation consulting and agronomy, joining diverse exhibitors showcasing soilless media substrates, greenhouse builders, and suppliers of climate and irrigation control systems. Noteworthy participants include Fiberdust from the USA and Varsha Enterprises India, exhibiting cocopeat substrates and air pots for blueberry farming.

CV Hydro remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration in the agricultural sector, aiming to contribute to the growth and success of the industry in both India and Australia.

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