Orchid Inspiration Days 2024: A Blooming Extravaganza of Orchid Beauty

by Anna

As June approaches, the Netherlands eagerly anticipates the ninth edition of the Orchid Inspiration Days, set to enchant enthusiasts with the mesmerizing world of orchids. Taking place from June 5 to 14, 2024, this annual event brings together 13 orchid specialists, uniting their expertise to showcase the latest varieties, innovative concepts, and a plethora of inspiration.

Two new participants, Lansbergen Orchids and Phalaenova, are joining the Orchid Inspiration Days this year, each contributing a unique vision and innovative approach to the event. Orchid lovers and international professional customers will have the opportunity to explore a total of thirteen nurseries across the Netherlands during this enchanting occasion.

Lansbergen Orchids, based in De Lier, and Phalaenova from Brielle, bring fresh perspectives to the Orchid Inspiration Days, complementing the diverse offerings from established participants: Ansu, De Hoog Orchids, Geest Potplanten, Green Balanz, Inca Orchids, Levoplant, OK Plant, Opti-flor, Pannekoek Orchids, Stolk Flora, and The Orchid Growers.

Orchid Inspiration Days serves as a platform not only for discovering the latest orchid varieties and product concepts but also for gaining ample inspiration. The event’s social media channels offer a sneak peek into the preparations and developments leading up to the grand event, catering to the curiosity of orchid enthusiasts.

Established as the annual orchid inspiration event in the Netherlands, Orchid Inspiration Days focuses on the international professional customer, providing a unique opportunity to delve into the world of orchids. Interested parties can register to visit the participating nurseries starting in early April through the event’s website, ensuring an immersive experience surrounded by the beauty and innovation of orchids.

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