Plant Empowerment Unveils Exclusive Breakfast Sessions at Sival Exhibition

by Anna

In collaboration with partners, members, and the support of the Dutch Embassy in France, Plant Empowerment is delighted to announce two exclusive breakfast sessions at the upcoming Sival Exhibition in Angers. Taking place on Tuesday, January 16, and Wednesday, January 17, from 8.00 am to 9.30 am, these sessions offer a unique opportunity for horticulture enthusiasts to delve into the world of sustainable and profitable crop management.

Embark on your journey towards sustainable horticulture practices by participating in these insightful breakfast sessions. Industry experts will unravel the proven growing philosophy of Plant Empowerment, a data-driven approach that empowers growers worldwide to achieve remarkable sustainability and profitability in their crops. Growers leveraging this philosophy have reported optimizing yields by up to 30%, all while reducing resource usage.

Key Highlights of the Breakfast Sessions:

Introduction to the Philosophy of Plant Empowerment: Gain profound insights into the foundational principles that drive the success of this data-driven growing philosophy, setting the stage for sustainable and profitable crop management.

Energy-Saving Strategies for Winter and Managing Hot Conditions in Summer: Learn effective strategies to conserve energy during winter and efficiently manage high-temperature conditions in the summer months. Discover practical approaches that align with the Plant Empowerment philosophy.

Interactive Q&A Session with Plant Empowerment Experts: Engage with a distinguished panel of experts during an interactive Q&A session. Seek personalized advice and guidance tailored to your specific challenges and aspirations in horticulture.

Presenters and Agenda:

Oscar Scheepens ( Providing an introduction to Plant Empowerment, Oscar will offer a brief overview of the philosophy’s basic principles. He will emphasize the critical role of a growth plan for success, with a focus on the impact of light and different light levels.

Frederic Robert (Lumiforte): Concentrating on the effect of coatings, Frederic will elaborate on their significance in the context of Plant Empowerment, contributing to energy-saving strategies for both winter and summer.

Pieter Mol (Ludvig Svensson): Delving into the importance of a light plan, Pieter will explore energy considerations through the use of screens. He will provide insights into radiation and the delicate balance of energy within the growing environment.

Stephane Andre (Hortilux): Discussing the increase in light levels during winter, Stephane will shed light on the changes associated with working with artificial light. He will explore the interconnectedness of light levels with screens and pollination, offering a comprehensive perspective.

Don’t miss the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and network with experts at these exclusive breakfast sessions. Plant Empowerment looks forward to guiding you on a path towards more sustainable and profitable horticulture practices.

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