Data-Driven Horticulture: Leo van Uffelen’s Journey Toward Precision in Potted Plant Cultivation

by Anna

In the dynamic landscape of horticulture, the infusion of digital technologies has sparked a transformative wave in how cultivators manage their crops. At the forefront of this revolution is Leo van Uffelen, a seasoned expert advisor in potted plants, whose embrace of data has propelled cultivation practices to new heights. Leo shares his compelling journey, navigating a world without data to pioneering advanced models and dashboards with, ushering in a new era of optimized cultivation.

Transitioning from Intuition to Data-Driven Excellence

A decade ago, Leo underwent a profound shift in his role, transitioning from an intuitive grower relying solely on experience to a trailblazer utilizing technology for cultivation advice. The catalyst for this change was his exposure to data through the WUR, marking a departure from his original intuition-based approach. Leo’s early career involved sixteen years as a grower cultivating peppers and nine years with potted plants, all without the aid of advanced measuring instruments like PAR sensors.

Wireless Sensors and Collaborative Innovation

To address challenges in understanding cultivation issues, Leo turned to wireless sensors. These sensors provided invaluable insights into factors influencing plant growth, such as the Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) sum. The embrace of external data became a turning point, leading Leo to collaborate with Together, they developed dashboards and models, offering growers meaningful information about their cultivation strategy and highlighting specific deviations for improvement.

From Intuition to Numbers: The Evolution of Compelling Advice

Leo emphasizes the need to substantiate intuition with numbers. Accumulating an extensive dataset over the years enabled him not only to present results but also to identify deviations and suggest necessary adjustments for improvement. Leo’s approach evolved from a subjective assessment of ‘good or not good’ to a comprehensive presentation of data-driven insights and improvements.

Autonomous Cultivation and the Role of Trust in Data

As the head grower at Van der Voort, Leo delved into the realm of autonomous cultivation. Trusting long-term settings became pivotal, allowing Leo to intervene less frequently while benefitting the overall health of the plants. Models and dashboards played a crucial role in demonstrating the rationale behind chosen settings, instilling confidence in both the grower and the cultivation process.

Remote Advice: Paving the Way for the Future

Leo envisions a future where self-learning models automatically configure, reducing manual work and enhancing efficiency. His commitment to making information easily digestible for growers underscores the potential of advanced models and dashboards in revolutionizing cultivation practices. Bridging the gap between theoretical approaches and practical knowledge remains a priority, ensuring that growers actively participate in the data-driven evolution of potted plant cultivation.

Conclusion: Navigating the Digital Revolution in Horticulture

Leo van Uffelen’s journey mirrors the industry’s transition from intuition to data-driven precision in potted plant cultivation. Through collaboration with and the integration of wireless sensors, Leo has not only achieved better results but has also become a torchbearer for the digital revolution in horticulture. His vision for the future promises continued innovation, shaping a more efficient and responsive sector.

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