Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Tecnológico de Monterrey Forge Strategic Alliance

by Anna

Hoogendoorn Growth Management has announced a groundbreaking alliance with Tecnológico de Monterrey, a renowned private university in Mexico and Latin America. Recognized for its emphasis on entrepreneurship, technological advancements, and societal development, Tecnológico de Monterrey is set to collaborate with Hoogendoorn Growth Management to foster innovation in the agricultural sector.

The official announcement took place at CAETEC, the Experimental Agricultural Field of Tec Campus Queretaro, a pioneering hub established four decades ago for the exploration of agricultural disciplines. CAETEC, serving as one of Tec de Monterrey’s laboratories, hosted the unveiling of the IIVO computer by Hoogendoorn, marking a pivotal moment in the partnership.

At the core of this collaboration is the IIVO computer, a cutting-edge system meticulously crafted to optimize greenhouse climate control, irrigation management, and overall crop management. Integrating sensors, artificial intelligence algorithms, and real-time data analytics, the IIVO system offers a comprehensive and responsive solution for modern agriculture.

The event commenced with a tour for Tec de Monterrey’s Vice President, Pascual Alcocer, and the Dutch Ambassador, Wilfred Mohr. The tour showcased the functionalities of the IIVO computer and provided insights into CAETEC’s impressive 2 hectares of greenhouses and seven technology modules.

During a dedicated session, Martin Helmich, Chief Commercial Officer of Hoogendoorn Growth Management, underscored the pivotal role of partnerships in cultivating expertise in new technologies. The collaboration between Hoogendoorn and Tec de Monterrey was formally recognized, designating them as strategic partners. Helmich emphasized the importance of such alliances in nurturing agricultural professionals equipped with knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and facilitating the exchange of expertise.

Dutch Ambassador Wilfred Mohr highlighted the significance of the collaboration between a leading Dutch industry player and a prestigious Mexican educational institution. He commended the alliance as a catalyst for knowledge exchange and technological advancements within the agricultural sector.

In closing, Pascual Alcocer expressed gratitude for the IIVO computer, acknowledging its potential to enhance research capabilities within CAETEC. He emphasized the value of providing students with hands-on experience in agricultural technologies, setting the stage for future advancements in the field. The collaboration between Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Tecnológico de Monterrey stands as a testament to the commitment to innovation and education in the agricultural landscape.

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