In Falmouth, Maine, Skillins Greenhouses Flourishes with Mother’s Day Tradition of Blooms and Affection

by Anna

FALMOUTH, Maine (WGME) – As Mother’s Day approaches, the vibrant blooms at Skillins Greenhouses in Falmouth serve as a vivid reminder of the enduring tradition of expressing love and appreciation through flowers.

For Sue Turner, a local resident, Mother’s Day has always been synonymous with the fragrant gift of flowers, a tradition that her son, Joe, has faithfully upheld since childhood.

“Ever since Joey was little, he would always bring me flowers for Mother’s Day. So, this is something that he’s been doing ever since he was just a little guy,” said Sue Turner, reflecting on the cherished tradition.

With the passage of time, Joe has matured, but his commitment to honoring his mother with flowers remains steadfast. “I’m trying to keep the tradition alive,” he remarked, underscoring the importance of maintaining familial customs.

From new mothers navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood to those seasoned in the art of motherhood, Mother’s Day offers a poignant moment to recognize and celebrate the boundless contributions of mothers in shaping our lives.

Skillins Greenhouses, adorned with an array of vibrant hues, stands as a testament to the enduring connection between flowers and the heartfelt sentiments they convey on this special occasion.

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