Sun Valley Floral Farms Cultivates Longiflorum Asiatic Hybrid Lilies with Expertise and Innovation

by Anna

The demand for Longiflorum Asiatic Hybrid Lilies, or L.A. Hybrid Lilies, has been steadily increasing over the years. Sun Valley Floral Farms, a prominent player in the flower industry, has been at the forefront of cultivating these unique flowers. CEO Lane DeVries, a seasoned expert in lily cultivation, shares insights into the growth and distinctive characteristics of L.A. Hybrid Lilies, which have earned their place in the prestigious Sun Valley “Royal” Lily line.

Sun Valley Floral Farms operates its L.A. Hybrid Lily production in two locations, Arcata, CA (Northern California) and Oxnard, CA (Southern California), carefully chosen to provide optimal growing conditions. Currently, the Royal production is centered in Arcata.

Unlike traditional methods of greenhouse cultivation, the Royals are planted directly in the ground and covered with plastic hoop houses. In the past, Sun Valley employed glass greenhouses, but they discovered that L.A. Hybrid Lilies respond exceptionally well to the full UV spectrum of light. Unlike glass greenhouses that block UV-B rays, plastic hoop houses allow this additional spectrum of light to reach the flowers, resulting in more vibrant colors in the blooms and larger buds. These lilies also thrive in the cool evenings, which are a hallmark of a less controlled environment.

Lane DeVries emphasizes the significant water requirements of these lilies. Fortunately, Arcata benefits from having access to some of the purest water in the United States, boasting an electrical conductivity level of 0.1 dS/m, which measures a solution’s ability to conduct electricity. This pristine Humboldt County water source plays a pivotal role in enhancing the quality of these lilies.

Sun Valley Floral Farms offers a range of L.A. Hybrid Lily varieties, including Hinault, Corleone, Party Diamond, Bach, Royal Sunset, Puma, and more. Lane DeVries attributes the infusion of the Longiflorum bloodline into traditional Asiatic lilies as the reason behind improvements in flower size and vase life. Notably, the Yellow Diamond LA Hybrid stands out as a superior lily when compared to traditional Asiatic varieties.

One unique feature of L.A. Hybrids is their fragrance-free nature, debunking the common belief that all lilies have a scent. Sun Valley’s longstanding relationship with breeders in Holland ensures a consistent supply of high-quality bulb stock, maintaining the exceptional characteristics of these lilies.

Sun Valley’s Royal Lilies are now ready for shipment, offering outstanding vase life, vibrant colors, and robust stems. These lilies are the ideal choice for florists’ arrangements and consumer enjoyment, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

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