A Guide to Choosing the Best Flowers for Funerals

by Anna

Expressing condolences through flowers has been a longstanding tradition, providing solace and support to grieving families during difficult times. Selecting the right flowers for a funeral is a delicate and thoughtful process, as different blooms convey diverse meanings and sentiments. In this guide, we explore the best flowers to send for a funeral, taking into consideration cultural nuances, personal preferences, and the symbolism behind each bloom.

Lilies – Symbolizing Restoration of the Soul:

Lilies are one of the most popular choices for funeral arrangements, admired for their elegant and serene appearance. These flowers symbolize the restoration of the soul and are often associated with the restored innocence of the departed. White lilies, in particular, convey purity and the hope for renewal, making them a fitting choice for expressing sympathy and offering comfort to the grieving family.

Roses – A Timeless Expression of Love:

Roses, with their timeless beauty and rich symbolism, are a classic choice for funeral arrangements. Red roses convey deep love and respect, while white roses symbolize purity and innocence. Opting for a combination of red and white roses can express a balanced sentiment of love and sympathy. Additionally, light pink roses are associated with admiration and grace, providing a softer touch to the arrangement.

Chrysanthemums – A Global Symbol of Death and Mourning:

Chrysanthemums hold significant cultural significance in many countries and are often associated with death and mourning. In Asian cultures, these flowers are commonly used in funeral rituals, representing honesty and loyalty. In European traditions, chrysanthemums are seen as a symbol of death and are frequently included in sympathy arrangements. Their diverse colors, including white and deep burgundy, allow for customization based on cultural preferences.

Carnations – Signifying a Love That Endures:

Carnations, with their long-lasting blooms and rich symbolism, offer a meaningful choice for funeral flowers. These flowers are often associated with a love that endures beyond the physical presence, making them a poignant choice for expressing sympathy. White carnations signify pure love and innocence, while pink carnations convey remembrance and gratitude. Including carnations in a funeral arrangement adds a touch of timeless beauty and enduring love.

Orchids – Elegant Sentiments of Sympathy:

Orchids, known for their exotic beauty and graceful appearance, bring an elegant touch to funeral arrangements. These flowers symbolize love, beauty, and strength, making them a fitting choice to express sympathy and support. Orchids are available in various colors, with white orchids representing purity and reverence, and pink orchids expressing affection and admiration. Including orchids in a funeral bouquet adds a sophisticated and comforting element.

Hydrangeas – Offering Understanding and Gratitude:

Hydrangeas are cherished for their lush, full blooms and convey sentiments of understanding and gratitude. These flowers are associated with heartfelt emotions and are often chosen to express appreciation for the departed. The variety of colors available, including blue, pink, and white, allows for customization based on the preferences of the grieving family. Hydrangeas contribute a sense of calmness and understanding to funeral arrangements.

Tulips – Expressing Unconditional Love and Comfort:

Tulips, with their graceful simplicity, convey messages of love, comfort, and empathy. White tulips are often chosen for funeral arrangements to symbolize forgiveness and a peaceful farewell. The subtle beauty of tulips brings a sense of serenity to the space, offering solace to those mourning the loss of a loved one. Including tulips in a sympathy bouquet expresses unconditional love and support for the grieving family.

Gladioli – Strength and Character in Adversity:

Gladioli, with their tall and striking spikes of blooms, symbolize strength, character, and moral integrity. These flowers are a meaningful choice for expressing admiration for the departed and the strength exhibited during challenging times. Gladioli come in various colors, including white, pink, and red, allowing for a personalized touch in funeral arrangements. The vertical elegance of gladioli adds a dignified and uplifting presence to the setting.


Selecting the best flowers for a funeral involves a thoughtful consideration of the symbolism, cultural significance, and personal preferences of the grieving family. Lilies, roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, orchids, hydrangeas, tulips, and gladioli are among the top choices, each carrying its unique message of sympathy, love, and support. The art of selecting funeral flowers lies in creating a meaningful and comforting arrangement that honors the memory of the departed and provides solace to those mourning their loss.

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