Advancing Rose Cultivation: Dutch Technology Enhances Quality in China’s Growing Flower Market

by Anna

Cutting roses, commanding the largest growing surface area and market share in China, have witnessed a significant shift in cultivation methods. Responding to the escalating demand for high-quality flowers, Chinese rose growers are increasingly adopting soil-less cultivation techniques. The transition from traditional soil-based cultivation to substrate rose cultivation not only meets market demands but also ensures precise control over water and fertilizer, resulting in enhanced production quality and quantity.

In the vibrant city of Yunnan, the epicenter of cut flower production, Baiyi Yinong Investment Company, a leading player in China, has been collaborating with Meteor Systems since 2020. This partnership aims to provide a comprehensive growing solution, elevating the standards of substrate-grown roses. The culmination of this endeavor is a recently completed 2-hectare cutting rose project in December 2023.

Committed to incorporating advanced Dutch technology into Chinese rose cultivation, Baiyi has embarked on four new rose projects, totaling 40 hectares of high-tech glasshouses integrated with state-of-the-art Dutch technologies. In collaboration with Aibida, this initiative has proven to be a resounding success, contributing high-quality roses to the burgeoning Chinese flower market.

The innovative approach employed by Meteor Systems, a Dutch company with a rich 27-year history in cultivation system development and production, sets it apart in the field. Utilizing an exclusive patented design specifically tailored for rose production, Meteor Systems introduced its steel gutter technology as a game-changer. This system employs a smaller substrate volume, facilitating more active plant management, and offers superior drainage. Additionally, the steel cultivation gutter enhances ventilation around the cultivation trough, effectively reducing the incidence of pests and diseases.

Establishing a Chinese office and team in 2019, Meteor Systems has successfully completed over 70 hectares of projects for substrate-growing roses in China. Looking ahead to 2024, Meteor Systems is poised to spearhead more high-tech rose projects, underscoring its commitment to advancing rose cultivation methods in the rapidly evolving Chinese flower market.

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