World-renowned DJ Hardwell Honored with Signature Tulip on National Tulip Day

by Anna

On Saturday, January 20, 2024, National Tulip Day in the Netherlands, Hardwell, one of the globe’s most celebrated DJs and producers, will be bestowed with a unique honor – a tulip named after him. This customary Dutch tradition precedes the official launch of the new tulip season and will take place at the iconic Museumplein in Amsterdam. The unveiling of the new tulip, personally selected by Hardwell, is made possible by the Dutch cut tulip growers (TPN).

Arjan Smit, representing the growers, expressed the significance of this year’s Tulip Day theme, ‘Let’s Dance!,’ as an inspiration for paying tribute to Hardwell with his own tulip. Smit remarked, “He is one of the most popular DJs in the world, and his shows are, just like the tulip, full of energy.” Drawing a delightful parallel, Smit highlighted the unique ability of tulips to ‘dance’ in a vase, with each flower turning in its own direction.

The ‘Hardwell’ tulip, distinguished by its exclusive flower shape and color scheme, will be unveiled to the public for the first time on National Tulip Day.

National Tulip Day has been an official celebration in the Netherlands since 2012, marking the commencement of a new cut tulip season. As the world’s largest tulip producer, Dutch tulip growers set up an expansive picking garden with approximately 200,000 flowers on Museumplein in Amsterdam every year. This grand display invites people from all walks of life, regardless of background or nationality, to freely pick tulips. The event symbolizes the unifying nature of the flower, with attendees from as many as 100 different nationalities anticipated.

Before the gates open, a special viewing bridge allows everyone to marvel at the vibrant sea of flowers. Hardwell will officially inaugurate the garden at 1 p.m., and the public is invited to pick up to 20 tulips for free. Due to high demand, the picking garden is expected to be emptied by 5 p.m. The cut tulip season, initiated on National Tulip Day, extends until May, offering a spectacular and colorful start to the year.

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