Embark on a Floral Odyssey: International Florists Trip 2024 in Ecuador

by Anna

Fresh-o-Fair.com invites florists and flower enthusiasts from around the world to join the International Florists Trip 2024, a captivating journey through the heart of Ecuador’s lush landscapes and vibrant blooms. Promising more than just a scenic tour, this curated experience is designed to celebrate connections between florists and the essence of Ecuadorian blooms.

Participants will have the exclusive opportunity to explore five diverse flower farms, delving into the meticulous processes that bring each petal to life. Top breeders will open their doors, offering a rare glimpse into the world of floral innovation and allowing florists to connect with the masters behind a wide range of flower varieties.

Renowned floral designer Pere Padrós, from Barcelona’s “Flors Zinnia,” will lead a master class, bringing his wealth of international experience and dedication to the continuous development of floral art. His teachings aim to enrich participants’ expertise and inspire new creative heights.

Key Details:

  • Dates: May 18 to May 26, 2024
  • Maximum Participants: 30, ensuring an intimate and enriching exploration
  • Accommodations: Hacienda-style hotels for a blend of comfort and cultural immersion
  • Registration Fee: Early bird rate of $1700 until January 10, 2024; $1900 after that, covering transportation, meals, accommodations, seminars, and the master class.

The journey includes visits to prominent flower farms such as Jet Fresh Growers, Nevado Roses, Kiara Flowers, Flower Village, and Endless Spring Farms. Sponsors like SAF, All Above Flowers & New Bloom Solutions, Ecuador y sus Flores magazine, Pony de Troya, United Selections, Continental Breeding, and Thursd Magazine contribute to the collaborative spirit of the trip.

Testimonials from past participants highlight the transformative experience, with expressions of gratitude for the unforgettable connections made and the profound insights into the intricate world of floral craftsmanship. Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a global floral community, where flowers bring people together and transcend boundaries.

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