Spring Meadow Nursery Expands Proven Winners® Catalog with J. Berry’s Hollywood™ Hibiscus

by Anna

In a significant move to enhance its lineup of exceptional flowering shrubs, Spring Meadow Nursery has proudly introduced J. Berry’s Hollywood™ Hibiscus to its catalog of Proven Winners® ColorChoice® offerings. This collaboration represents a notable expansion, bringing together two family-owned nurseries that share a commitment to investing in innovative genetics to elevate the quality of plants in the industry.

Jeremy Deppe, General Manager of Spring Meadow, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “Welcoming J. Berry’s Hollywood Hibiscus to the Proven Winners ColorChoice family is the perfect way to begin the New Year. Both Spring Meadow and J. Berry are family-owned nurseries that aren’t afraid to invest heavily in new genetics. We both recognize the value that superior plants bring to the industry, so this partnership is a natural fit.”

The Hollywood Hibiscus series emerged from Jim Berry’s dedicated breeding program, aiming to address common challenges faced by conventional tropical hibiscus, such as single-day blooms, limited flower power, susceptibility to foliar diseases, and vulnerability to white flies. The result is a collection of tropical hibiscus boasting improved foliage, habits, resistance to pests and diseases, and stunning, long-lasting flowers that remain vibrant for up to three days. With exceptional bud and bloom counts, Hollywood Hibiscus seamlessly aligns with the standards of Proven Winners ColorChoice, known for recognizing plants with outstanding star power.

Jonathan Berry expressed his excitement about the collaboration, saying, “We are thrilled to offer Hollywood Hibiscus as part of the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand. We have a long history of partnering with Spring Meadow, so we already know that we share similar values, including the most essential belief that the best genetics always win.”

The cultivation of Proven Winners ColorChoice Hollywood Hibiscus will continue at J. Berry’s facilities in Texas. Retailers currently stocking J. Berry Hollywood Hibiscus will sell through their existing inventory, while new liners of Proven Winners ColorChoice Hollywood Hibiscus will transition to the classic white Proven Winners® containers. Anticipating an exciting 2025, Spring Meadow’s Marketing Manager, Stacey Hirvela, looks forward to showcasing every beautiful variety of Hollywood Hibiscus in the distinctive white Proven Winners ColorChoice container, adorned with the eye-catching diamond hang-tag.

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