Westland Municipality Renews Partnership with Dutch Greenhouse Delta, Bolstering Global Horticulture Standing

by Anna

The municipality of Westland continues its pivotal role in the Dutch Greenhouse Delta (DGD), strengthening their collaborative efforts to position Dutch horticulture as a global powerhouse. We spoke with Mayor Bouke Arends, a prominent ambassador of DGD, to delve into the renewed partnership and its implications for Westland’s economic potential.

In 2018, the Dutch Greenhouse Delta emerged with a vision to establish Dutch horticulture as a prominent global brand. Founders Hein van der Sande (Certhon), Wouter Kuiper (KUBO), and former Westland Mayor Sjaak van der Tak laid the foundations. Since then, Mayor Bouke Arends has been instrumental in globally promoting the Netherlands’ comprehensive solutions for sustainable food production.

As an ambassador for DGD, Mayor Arends has elevated the hub’s recognition on both international and local fronts. The recent extension of collaboration between DGD and Westland Municipality underscores their commitment to furthering Westland’s economic prowess.

Westland: A Global Horticultural Capital

Mayor Arends takes pride in Westland’s unique status as a global horticulture hub. He states, “Nowhere else in the world will you find such a dense concentration of greenhouses and horticultural suppliers as in Westland. If the horticultural sector were a country, Westland would be its capital.” This region excels in business, academic research, and education, with Mayor Arends playing a crucial role in enhancing its global appeal.

Diplomatic Collaboration for Trade Enhancement

The Westland Municipality actively supports DGD’s mission to position the horticulture sector as a global trading leader, emphasizing diplomatic engagements. Mayor Arends’ involvement in trade missions and hosting international delegations unlocks opportunities that might otherwise remain inaccessible. Explaining the significance, Mayor Arends notes, “In some countries, discussions first take place at the governmental level. From our role, we can establish a strong foundation, leading to commercial opportunities for the business sector.”

Mayor Arends cites the trade mission to Kazakhstan in April 2023 as a prime example of the fruitful collaboration between DGD and the Municipality of Westland. His participation enabled DGD’s partners to establish connections with key international stakeholders, resulting in various successful follow-up engagements.

Road2Osaka: Unifying Vision for World Expo 2025

Looking ahead, Mayor Arends outlines plans to explore new markets beneficial for the horticultural sector. He anticipates the World Expo 2025 in Osaka, Japan, where Dutch Greenhouse Delta and Westland Municipality will play vital roles in presenting the horticulture sector globally. “The road towards the World Expo presents an outstanding opportunity to showcase our horticultural strengths to international governments and investors,” Mayor Arends explains.

As DGD facilitates key connections, paving the way for the horticulture sector to make a significant impact in the global trade arena, Mayor Arends emphasizes their collective contribution to advancing global food security and promoting sustainable cultivation of flowers and plants. The renewed partnership between Westland Municipality and Dutch Greenhouse Delta stands as a testament to their commitment to shaping the future of global horticulture.

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