Ethylene Inhibitor Shows Promise in Mitigating Heat-Induced Leaf Senescence in Creeping Bentgrass

by Anna

New research published in the Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science unveils a potential breakthrough in combating heat-induced leaf senescence in creeping bentgrass. The study focuses on the application of the ethylene inhibitor, aminoethoxyvinylglycine (AVG), to suppress premature leaf aging caused by elevated temperatures.

Leaf senescence, characterized by chlorophyll loss, cellular membrane deterioration, and oxidative damage, is accelerated by heat stress. Ethylene, a hormone signaling cellular maturation and senescence, is produced in higher amounts during heat stress, further exacerbating leaf aging.

The study sought to investigate whether foliar-spraying AVG could effectively suppress heat-induced leaf senescence in creeping bentgrass by influencing chlorophyll synthesis and degrading enzymes. Plants were subjected to controlled growth chamber conditions, simulating non-stress (22/17 °C day/night) and heat stress (35/30 °C day/night) temperatures for 25 days.

Results demonstrated that foliar-spraying with 25 µm AVG at 7-day intervals significantly improved turf quality and chlorophyll content in plants exposed to heat stress from days 21 through 25. Additionally, electrolyte leakage, a marker of cellular membrane damage, was significantly lower in AVG-treated plants compared to untreated controls.

The findings suggest that AVG effectively mitigates heat-induced leaf senescence by preserving chlorophyll synthesis and alleviating chlorophyll degradation. This action is attributed to the impact on enzymatic activities, adding to the repertoire of mechanisms previously reported. The research contributes to understanding how AVG regulates chlorophyll metabolism at the molecular level, offering potential avenues for developing cool-season grass species with stay-green traits to maintain high-quality turfgrass during the challenging summer months.*

The study signifies a promising step towards enhancing plant stress tolerance and may pave the way for innovative strategies in turfgrass management.

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