Verdissimo Breaks Ground with Industrial-Scale Preserved Peonies

by Anna

Verdissimo, a prominent flower and plant preservation company, has answered the longstanding demand from customers by unveiling an innovative addition to their assortment – preserved peonies on an industrial scale. Stefanie Proy, Export Area Manager at Verdissimo, expressed delight at fulfilling customer requests and highlighted the significance of this breakthrough in preserving one of the world’s most elegant and cherished flowers.

Preserving peonies has historically posed challenges for the floral industry due to their delicate structure and ephemeral nature. Proy noted that Verdissimo has overcome these obstacles, successfully preserving peonies on an industrial scale. This achievement offers a sustainable and enduring alternative to the typically brief seasons of these beloved flowers.

The success in preserving peonies, according to Proy, relies on an innovative process that ensures the retention of the original shape, appearance, and texture of this exquisite variety. By optimizing their technologies, Verdissimo has managed to preserve the beauty of peonies without compromising their aesthetic quality, reinforcing their position as industry leaders committed to innovation and superior-quality products.

Proy emphasized the dual advantages of sustainability and aesthetics in Verdissimo’s preserved peonies. The launch is not only a technical feat but also a significant stride towards sustainability in the floral industry. By offering peonies that maintain freshness and beauty for an extended period, Verdissimo contributes to waste reduction and promotes environmentally friendly practices.

From an aesthetic perspective, preserved peonies are touted as ideal for interior decoration, floral arrangements, and special events, particularly in weddings. Their enduring beauty allows for year-round enjoyment, irrespective of the natural blooming seasons. Proy highlighted the positive market response to the launch, with florists, event designers, and flower enthusiasts worldwide welcoming this new product.

Verdissimo’s presence at the IPM Essen 2024 fair in Germany provided a platform to gauge the product’s reception, with over 36,000 visitors responding positively to the preserved peonies. Proy underscored Verdissimo’s commitment to listening to market demands, creating innovative products, and meeting the expectations of distributors worldwide.

According to Proy, Verdissimo’s launch of preserved peonies not only showcases the technical prowess of the company but also redefines expectations regarding the availability and durability of one of the most coveted flowers. This advancement represents a significant step towards a more sustainable and creative future in the world of preserved flowers.


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