Sturgis Horticulture Society’s Green Thumb Sale Flourishes Once Again

by Anna

The annual Green Thumb sale, hosted by the Sturgis Horticulture Society, took place at the Sturgis Community Hall on May 9th, marking another successful event for green enthusiasts in the area.

Garden enthusiasts flocked to the venue to explore the latest offerings in flowers and seek advice for the planting season. The event featured a diverse selection of certified seed potatoes for sale, alongside a selection of houseplants.

Brian and Margaret Shuya of Greenwater were among the vendors, showcasing a wide array of plants to attendees.

The day concluded with lunch and refreshments, providing a pleasant ending to the event.

Established in 1951, the Sturgis Horticulture Society boasts an esteemed roster of members, with honorary president Sandy Nicholson at the helm. The current leadership includes President Ilene Kalenchuk, 1st Vice-President Mary Giles, and 2nd Vice-President Rev Edwin Wright, alongside secretary and directors Mrs. Albin Johnson, O.J. Mattison, Ted Schoenke, J.B. Neufeld, Archie Schauer, Mrs. N. Prekaski, Allen Sweet, Fr. Tom Novak, H.R. Oaks, Walter Mason, and Flo Wotherspoon.

The society annually organizes the Green Thumb plant sale and tea, serving as a highlight for both members and gardening enthusiasts in the Sturgis community.

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